Robert Miranda is a Washington DC Based Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist.  His debut Album Robert Miranda Exposed was released April 15th 2014. Miranda works out of his home studio located in the historic Wash DC U Street area – absorbing all the good vibrations from the Duke Ellington house which is adjacent to his home/studio.

Miranda’s music crosses over rock/folk/alternative and on occasion a slight country influence can be heard.  Miranda has written about touchstone issues he is passionate about – including homelessness (“Logan Park”), gun control (“Circle of Clowns”),  animal abuse (“Addy’s Song”) and senseless killing violence young young black men with his video release of Happening Again.


Miranda has immersed himself in music since an early age. He has studied guitar and music theory with The Peabody Institute’s Lawrence Hoffman, Sanjay Mishra (known for his Blue Incantation collaboration with The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia) and Herman Meyer of the Washington Conservatory of Music.

Miranda resides in Wash DC with his wife Joan and his rather eccentric adopted shelter dog Atticus. The inspiration behind Addys Song and Miranda’s “Addy Dog- Sing Fearlessly” logo.

Recent releases.

Recent releases.

Miranda reminds us, “Every movement needs music.” He believes it is time for the movement, and his music will serve as the soundtrack.

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