Robert Miranda’s eclectic music is an alchemy of Rock, Folk, & Alternative which results in his own unique sound. Miranda’s debut Album “Exposed”, released in 2014, helped him realize that his passion for music could also be a used to address social issues.

Miranda writes about touchstone issues for which he is passionate – including homelessness (“Logan Park”), gun control (“Circle of Clowns”), and animal abuse (“Addy’s Song”) all on his debut album “Exposed”. His video release of “Happening Again” addresses the senseless and violent killings of young black men in America.

Miranda was selected to perform at the Rally with Pope Francis on the US National Mall on Sept. 24, 2015 where he debuted the song “Change In Town,” a satirical song taking aim at climate change deniers, and the lack of action in congress from both those on the “left” and the “right”.

His newest realease “The Heart of Our Democracy” is a moving song that takes aim at the systematic injustice impacting our Democracy and its effect on all Americans.

Miranda will appear for the second time at the US National Mall on April 4th, 2018 in support of the ACT to End Racism Rally marking the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s Assassination

He is currently completing work on a new album titled ‘Fault Line’ for release in 2018.

Miranda resides in Wash DC & Saratoga Springs, NY with his wife Joan and his somewhat “peculiar” adopted shelter dog Atticus.

Recent releases.

Recent releases.

Miranda reminds us, “Every movement needs music.” He believes it is time for the movement, and his music will serve as the soundtrack.

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