We have finished mixing and mastering the project. Mr Horace Ward did an amazing job of mixing the project and squeezing every bit of sound out of the base tracks on my home studio system – many a let night was spent. Every song has its own atmosphere – Horace is truly amazing.

We mastered at Lurssen Studios in L.A. – Ruben Cohen did the mastering and it sounds amazing. We had to make a second pass after I discovered mastering brings one’s vocals way out front – both good and bad.  ;’)

Working on CD/Album cover art work currently – we are shooting for a June 1 release date.

Please check out Addy’s Song/Video (on the Home Page or in the Video section) – most people think the song is about a girl, my wife etc. It is about our “crazy” rescue dog Atticus (whom we call Addy for short) – he has terrible PTSD. While trying to understand him I found Addy’s Song.

Note: Just to set the record straight I did write a song on the Album for my wife.






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